Film (Re)View – Sing

The latest animated adventure sees a hapless but dedicated theatre owner, Buster Moon, stage X-Factor like auditions and show to try and save his theatre. A HUGE mistake with the amount of prize money, sees the whole town turn out. Discovery of the mistake leads to Buster desperately trying to woo his friend’s wealthy grandmother, by staging a lavish pre-show viewing. This collides with Mike’s debts to some gangsters, drawing them to the prize money that isn’t there.

It all ends in disaster and the truth comes out. Buster, ashamed and defeated, hides in his friend’s pool house.

The film, though not as funny as many animated films, like La La Land, is a message to us all about not giving up on our dreams. Each of the cast dreams of being a singing sensation and Buster of having a successful theatre. Even through lies, deception and disaster, the group pull together, knowing that the only way for their personal dreams to come true is by helping each other.

For me, it is a film highlighting success through unity, not singularity. Support of fellow dreamers is often the key to your own success.

It’s about standing up for what you want and not giving up – Johnny’s and Ash’s stories highlight this, with Johnny standing out as he stood up to his thug of a father.

Cartoon or not, it is a message to us all to not give up on our dreams because, if we work hard enough, they can come true.

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