As well as being a dark fantasy and horror writer, I also teach Hatha and Sports Yoga and am a self-employed accountant.

As a child, I was always buried in books – books about faraway lands, about princes and princesses, about excitement and adventure, about mystery and fear.

Only once did I choose to write down a story, as a child. It was the tale of a severed arm being found washed up on the shore. It was dramatised by graphic drawings and heavily influenced by a certain movie I wasn’t supposed to have watched.

I was rapped on the knuckles and told never to write anything like that again. I never did. Not a word. Not for over fifteen years.

Why did I start again? Which of the voices in my head can claim credit for restoring my storytelling? I cannot say, for fear the others may fall silent. Suffice it to say the stories came thick and fast, once the dam had burst.

I entered many writing competitions, to no avail, but continued to believe that one day I would succeed.

It took three little words, whispered during an overheard conversation that brought me my success. Three Silver Bullets, a story I penned in less than half an hour, was published by Thirteen Magazine in 2005. This was followed in 2007 by Sheer Hell, which was published on the website of Climb Magazine.

It was my attendance at a wedding which changed my path from short stories to novels. The wedding was being held in an old village church. At the back of the church stood an ancient stone coffin covered in engravings. It was this coffin that sparked my interest and it was during the service that my imagination took flight. If it wasn’t for that wedding, Bonds, which became a quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, would never have been born!

Although I left Bonds open for a sequel, I never believed it would be so soon. Somewhere, in the deep dark recesses of my mind, Antony and Becca would have another outing; I just had no plan as to when that would be. It was all down to requests from my readers that Broken Bonds came into being so soon, rather than being recessed somewhere dark and scary!! 

Broken Bonds is the second of four novels centred around the unusual relationship between Becca Martin and Antony Cardover. The third novel, Bonds Re-Bound has been penned and is currently with my Beta readers, the voices in my head having penned a much darker storyline.

A venture which I’ve brought to fruition this Hallowe’en is my first foray into writing for children. The Misfits tells the tale of four supernatural friends who are failing miserably at being what they are expected to be and who learn to overcome these perceived failings, gaining the respect of both their parents and their peers.

I have also published a collection of some of my short horror stories, Tales From a Scarygirl.

By the way, the teacher who told me “never to write such horrible things again” is now one of my biggest fans!

I’d love to hear from you, dear reader, and to hear your thoughts on my novels. Do get in touch.

Here’s a little bit about each of the novels and what people are saying about them:

“‘Captivating’, ‘suspenseful’ and ‘gripping’, Bonds tells the story of Becca Martin’s struggle to accept her birthright as a witch and Antony Cardover’s battle to break his vampire curse. The two are bonded by Isabella, Antony’s adulterous wife and Becca’s ancestor. Bonds has received five star reviews and acclaim from readers globally.

Described as ‘Better than Twilight’, Broken Bonds continues the epic story of Becca Martin as she’s driven to keep a promise to a man who would rather see her dead. Becca is forced to delve deeper into her past and that of her ancestors to find the answers she seeks. Broken Bonds has again received widespread acclaim from readers, calling it ‘fantastic’, ‘brilliant’ and ‘worthy of five stars’.

Tales from a Scarygirl is a collection of short stories to chill you to the core, to make you afraid, very afraid of what lurks between this world and the next. Featuring Three Silver Bullets, Raven Bridge, The Creature Within and The Night Stalker, Tales from a Scarygirl is a ‘spine tingling page turner’.  

With plots featuring more twists than a corkscrew through the heart, get ready to lock the doors and find your safe place as you discover the enthralling world of Marie Anne Cope… just be prepared for a long, dark night.”