Film (Re)View – Halloween

Despite Michael Myers not being my favourite horror movie character, I have been itching to see this movie, and I have to say, I was not disappointed. Why would I say Michael is not my favourite? Well, it's simply because I have never found him to be a believable character. When all is said and … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Halloween

October 27th: A Scary Night With Marie Anne Cope

Suitable for over 16's only. Doors open at 7pm. Talk starts at 7.30pm. Come and join me for a night of scares as Hallowe'en approaches. I'll be introducing you to my BONDS Series of novels and doing a reading from my new release, BONDS RE-BOUND (Volume 3 in Series). I will then be exploring what … Continue reading October 27th: A Scary Night With Marie Anne Cope

Film (Re)View – The Nun

WOW! Yes, it's in capitals, it isn't a mistake. I was completely blown away by this film; The Conjuring universe never disappoints. I have talked in my blogs about the key to a great horror film being the right mix of terror (the build up) and horror (the release) and this movie has nailed it, … Continue reading Film (Re)View – The Nun

October 24th: Bonds Re-Bound Launch

To coincide with the FULL MOON in this HALLOWE'EN month, I thought I'd take the opportunity to bring you Volume 3 in the BONDS Series. BONDS RE-BOUND will officially launch on this auspicious day and I hope you will help to give BONDS RE-BOUND a great start. Please join me, and invite your friends, to … Continue reading October 24th: Bonds Re-Bound Launch

Film (Re)View – Unfriended: Dark Web

I have a confession to make, I haven't seen the first one, but I have been reliably informed that you don't need to AND that the first one is better...Why? Because it is supernatural, whereas this one isn't. That raises an interesting question with regards to what scares people the most. If the young lad … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Unfriended: Dark Web

Is it Sci-Fi or is it Horror? More to the Point, How do You Tell?

This is a question I often ask myself when I go to see a film which is touted as a horror, but as I sit there zoning out within about twenty minutes, I realise I’ve been duped, yet again, as it is clearly science fiction…or is it? This debate raised its head again, not too … Continue reading Is it Sci-Fi or is it Horror? More to the Point, How do You Tell?