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Film (Re)View – A Quiet Place

This is NOT a horror movie, it's sci-fi.......just needed to get that off my chest, as I hate it when things are mislabelled. The fact that the "monster" is an alien should be the clue here. Unfortunately, because of this, as soon as I saw it, it turned me cold, as I am not a … Continue reading Film (Re)View – A Quiet Place

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold….

…or is it, dear reader? Would it not be best to “turn the other cheek”, “let sleeping dogs lie”, or just be the bigger person and walk away? Think of all the books, films, TV shows and stories based around revenge and then think about the ending and how it all turned out. Not well, … Continue reading Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold….

Film (Re)View – Ghosts Stories

This review contains SPOILERS - you've been warned! This was another Scream Unseen outing and a movie I was very much looking forward to, as the trailers implied it would be awesome and, no! Don't get me wrong, this movie started out really well. It follows Dr Goodman (Andy Nyman), a jewish man raised … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Ghosts Stories

Do You Have a Lustful Appetite?

Yes! Yes! I hear you cry, but have you stopped to ask yourself why I am asking, or even what I mean by my question? Maybe even wondered where I am going with it? Was that a sharp intake of breath I’ve just heard…..? Think back to last time’s blog, where I introduced you to … Continue reading Do You Have a Lustful Appetite?

Learning at Lunchtime – Planning Your Story

Tuesday 13th March 12:30pm to 1:30pm Oswestry Library, 9 Arthur Street, Oswestry, SY11 1JN   PLANNING YOUR STORY - CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP with acclaimed author Marie Anne Cope Hit a block in your writing and struggling to know where to start? Are your characters’ names and personalities eluding you? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any … Continue reading Learning at Lunchtime – Planning Your Story

Interview with Liz Southall on RedShift Radio

Thursday 22nd February 11am til 12pm Liz Southall's Show on RedShift Radio Tune in and listen to me chat with Liz about my life, my inspirations, my books, my dreams and what's coming this year! You can listen through one of the methods below: * Online * Tunein app * Smart Speaker (eg … Continue reading Interview with Liz Southall on RedShift Radio

Film (Re)View – Den of Thieves

I like an action movie as much as the next girl and with Gerard Butler (aka Antony Cardover) thrown into the mix, how could I say no? I must admit, he's piled o the pounds and I'm hoping it is for this role (though I can't see the relevance) as he certainly didn't look comfortable … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Den of Thieves

Film (Re)View – Winchester

The Winchester House is in San Jose, California and is, arguably, the most haunted house in the USA. Following the death of her husband and infant daughter, Sarah Winchester visited a medium, who told her she needed to move far away and build a house big enough to occupy the souls of those killed by … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Winchester

Are You a Sinner or a Saint?

I ask because, following a recent visit to the theatre to watch Dr Faustus- an excellent version put on by Off Topic Theatre- I started to ponder how virtuous today’s society really is. As such, this is the first of a series of blogs looking at the seven deadly sins. Take heed, dear reader, as … Continue reading Are You a Sinner or a Saint?

Film (Re)View – Insidious: The Last Key

As Annabelle Creation is to The Conjuring franchise, so too is The Last Key to the Insidious franchise - a prequel. I love a prequel, or a prologue as I prefer to call them, as everyone who reads my books will attest. Prologues set the scene and hint at the horrors to come. The prologue … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Insidious: The Last Key