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Is it Sci-Fi or is it Horror? More to the Point, How do You Tell?

This is a question I often ask myself when I go to see a film which is touted as a horror, but as I sit there zoning out within about twenty minutes, I realise I’ve been duped, yet again, as it is clearly science fiction…or is it? This debate raised its head again, not too … Continue reading Is it Sci-Fi or is it Horror? More to the Point, How do You Tell?

Film (Re)View – The Secret of Marrowbone

Well, Scream Unseen certainly pulled out all the stops with this beautifully haunting tale about a family, driven into exile by a murderous and abusive father. On arrival back to their mother's childhood home in the USA, the Fairbairn family change their name to Marrowbone - their mother's maiden name - in an effort to … Continue reading Film (Re)View – The Secret of Marrowbone

Horrifically Inspirational…Women of Horror

When I was asked to do an extra Into the Darkness show on Calon FM, to celebrate International Women’s Day back in March, the voices started arguing over who would be best served up for such a momentous occasion. Of course, there are many women deserving of mention, but being a horror themed show, I … Continue reading Horrifically Inspirational…Women of Horror

Film (Re)View – Hereditary

I do have to wonder who actually writes the comments that go with movies and whether they have actually seen the movie. The people who wrote the comments for this movie clearly have not seen it. It isn't scary, terrifying or any other fear filling adjective and it most certainly is NOT in the league … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Hereditary

Film (Re)View – The Strangers, Prey at Night

This sequel has been a long time coming and I can honestly say that I wasn't disappointed. Rather than being a typical slasher flick - all horror and no terror - the filmmakers really thought about what they were doing with this. The movie follows a family who go to stay at a relative's holiday … Continue reading Film (Re)View – The Strangers, Prey at Night