Is it Sci-Fi or is it Horror? More to the Point, How do You Tell?

This is a question I often ask myself when I go to see a film which is touted as a horror, but as I sit there zoning out within about twenty minutes, I realise I’ve been duped, yet again, as it is clearly science fiction…or is it? This debate raised its head again, not too … Continue reading Is it Sci-Fi or is it Horror? More to the Point, How do You Tell?

Horrifically Inspirational…Women of Horror

When I was asked to do an extra Into the Darkness show on Calon FM, to celebrate International Women’s Day back in March, the voices started arguing over who would be best served up for such a momentous occasion. Of course, there are many women deserving of mention, but being a horror themed show, I … Continue reading Horrifically Inspirational…Women of Horror

What a Carnival…..of Words!

Wow, what a fantastic week I've just had at this year's Carnival of Words in Wrexham! There was a host of big named authors as well as fan favourites in the Murder Mystery and Historical Fiction Nights. First up for me was Phil Rickman, talking about his writing life and his books, which tend to … Continue reading What a Carnival…..of Words!

Wales Comic Con 10th Birthday

This weekend, Wales Comic Con celebrated its 10th birthday, with fans from all around the world swarming to meet their heroes and heroines. I have never seen the event so busy and full of life, fun and laughter - it was awesome. But Comic Con is not the only thing celebrating a momentous birthday this … Continue reading Wales Comic Con 10th Birthday

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold….

…or is it, dear reader? Would it not be best to “turn the other cheek”, “let sleeping dogs lie”, or just be the bigger person and walk away? Think of all the books, films, TV shows and stories based around revenge and then think about the ending and how it all turned out. Not well, … Continue reading Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold….