Film (Re)View – Annabelle: Creation

You know how I like my horror films, well, I wasn't disappointed with this new release from The Conjuring franchise. It was full of breath holding, stomach tightening moments, when you just didn't know what was going to happen. This tense anticipation, coupled with the creepiness of anything involving children and dolls, made this film … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Annabelle: Creation

Film (Re)View – Atomic Blonde

Still reeling from his phenomenal performance in Split, I was itching to see McAvoy's next movie and I was not disappointed. This guy is one hell of an actor, playing a 'play by his own rules' hard nut MI6 agent in this violent and fast paced movie, set in 1989, as the Berlin wall was … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Atomic Blonde

Film (Re)View – Dunkirk

Multiple viewpoints, three timelines, one amazing film. Not only did it capture exactly what happened during this operation, but it brought home the harrowing nature of war. As always, Christopher Nolan delivered. This film wasn't about the fighting; but about trying to get our army (and the French) to safety so they could go on … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Dunkirk

Film (Re)View – War For The Planet of The Apes

What a fitting end to this series of films. I was blown away by its simple yet heart rending storyline; it brought tears to my eyes - no mean feat, I can assure you! This film has been slated as having a weak storyline, but I disagree. Simple is not weak. The title of the … Continue reading Film (Re)View – War For The Planet of The Apes

Film (Re)View – It Comes at Night

A film with a title that screams horror, but which isn't as horrific as the title would lead you to believe. It also leaves you wondering 'what' comes at night? Other than Travis' nightmares, there really isn't any night time activity. The film is set in a post apocalyptic world and so, by definition, is … Continue reading Film (Re)View – It Comes at Night

Film (re)View – Spiderman Homecoming

OH DEAR!!!!!! I don't know what to say. This film is shocking! If it wasn't for Michael Keaton, who played an excellent villain, I would have walked out. The filmmakers should be ashamed of themselves for turning a well respected superhero into a laughing stock. Yes, he is only 15 and, in theory, this is … Continue reading Film (re)View – Spiderman Homecoming

Guillermo del Toro Fest

And what a ‘fest’ it was, dear reader; fantastic day! If you’re a fan of horror, which you must be if you read my stuff, then get over and follow Grimm up North, as these are the guys who put this on and there’s another coming up on 19 August for John Carpenter. It’s well … Continue reading Guillermo del Toro Fest

Film (Re)View – Gifted

What can I say about this film? I was completely and unexpectedly bowled over. This was such a poignant and moving film that I cannot recommend it enough. Frank took in baby Mary when his sister, a math genius, committed suicide. He vowed that he would give Mary a 'normal' life, away from all the … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Gifted

Film (Re)View – The Mummy

'Death is the doorway to new life. We live today. We shall live again. In many forms we shall return.' Egyptian Prayer of Resurrection. 'The past cannot remain buried forever.' Dr Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe) Two great quotes from what I felt was a really great movie. I went with three other people and it … Continue reading Film (Re)View – The Mummy