Film (Re)View – Hostiles

When I saw the cinema listings and read the write up, I can honestly say that this movie did not float my boat, but having listened to Rosamund Pike on Radio 2, I thought I'd give it a go - it was the playing cowboys and indians comment that did it 😉 Harrowing is probably … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Hostiles

Film (Re)View – The Greatest Showman

Breathtaking movie, I have to say, with a musical score that will leave you smiling even on your darkest day. True to the real story? Well, I'm not so sure of that, but would it be quite as wonderful if it were too close? I'll let you decide. From what I know of Phineas Taylor … Continue reading Film (Re)View – The Greatest Showman

Film (Re)View – Wonder

During my school visits to promote my first children's book, The Misfits, I was made aware that many schools have been reading Wonder in an effort to help kids understand the impacts of bullying and of being different and not fitting in. It seemed fitting, therefore, to go and see the movie version of the … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Wonder

Film (Re)View – Murder on the Orient Express

As I have never seen the original or read the book, I went on this journey with an open mind. I had heard the comments about Branagh vs Suchet and 'that moustache', but I didn't let any of it sway me as I sat down for my first trip on the Orient Express. First off, … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Murder on the Orient Express

Film (Re)View – The Mountain Between Us

I don't need an excuse to go and see Idris, but I was a little tentative after  The Snowman and hearing that this too had received poor reviews. I have to say, thought, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it was a little sugar coated, BUT the premise of the story was sound. Two strangers thrown … Continue reading Film (Re)View – The Mountain Between Us

Film (Re)View) – The Snowman

Oh dear, what a terrible film. I have to wonder whether Jo Nesbo had any input into the making of this film, as I sure as hell would never let such a terrible adaptation of my book be released! It just goes to show that a high profile actor - Fassbender - and a high … Continue reading Film (Re)View) – The Snowman

Film (Re)View – Goodbye Christopher Robin

As I sat down with my good friend to watch this film, I commented that I couldn't remember the last time I had seen a PG. She looked at me very strangely, but it's true. Believe it or not, I am a lifetime fan of Winnie the Pooh, or I was, until I saw this … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Goodbye Christopher Robin

Film (Re)View – Flatliners

I had heard that this was a sequel of sorts, carrying on from where the original left off. For that reason, I thought I'd give it a go. I then found out it was actually a remake and my heart sank. Why do filmmakers constantly have to remake iconic films? It is not necessary and, … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Flatliners

Film (Re)View – Mother!

Now, I consider myself to be an intelligent person and I have had this point validated on more than one occasion, but this movie, I have to say, completely passed me by. It's taken me a while to post this (re)view because, quite frankly, I have no words....well, almost none! Bizarre, strange, ridiculous, disconnected, madness, … Continue reading Film (Re)View – Mother!