Wales Comic Con 2017

What an Amazing time I had this weekend at Wales Comic Con. I met some incredible actors for a chat and a picture - Denis O'Hare and Eddie McClintock, who both took home a copy of Bonds. Eddie gave me cuddles too. Mark Addy was lovely and I hope his New York play, Hangman, comes … Continue reading Wales Comic Con 2017

Meet the Author at Write Blend

Fabulous evening at Write Blend Book Shop, talking about my writing journey, the themes within Bonds, PLUS a couple of readings too!! As well as this, I got to meet the legendary horror write, Ramsey Campbell, and have his reading dedicated to what I'd said during my talk! On top of all that, Mr Campbell … Continue reading Meet the Author at Write Blend

To Live, or not to Live…..Forever, That is the Question.

As Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary is celebrated, as a writer, I cannot help but turn a little green at his endurance through the centuries. He has achieved what all writers dream of – immortality. Yet, one can but wonder as to whether this was forefront in his mind when he penned his works, or whether he … Continue reading To Live, or not to Live…..Forever, That is the Question.

Unleashed: Tales From a Scarygirl

On a scary day a scarygirl releases scary Tales upon the world…. Tales to set your nerves on edge. Tales to chill you to the core. Tales to make you want to sleep with the light on. But most of all, Tales to make you afraid, very afraid, of what lurks between the veil of … Continue reading Unleashed: Tales From a Scarygirl