Tales from a Scarygirl

TALES to set your nerves on edge. TALES to chill you to the core. TALES to make you want to sleep with the light on. But most of all, TALES to make you afraid, very afraid, of what lurks between the veil of this world and the next. A veil at its finest at twilight and at dawn, but a veil that can be lifted at any time. Don’t forget to lock your doors and adhere to those superstitions. For, dear reader, every superstition is grounded in reality…

‘Three silver bullets were all he had left. Three were never going to be enough.’ (Three Silver Bullets)

‘Raven Bridge is its official name, but the residents of Copper Falls nicknamed it “Death Bridge”.’ (Raven Bridge)

‘John’s eyes were wild. He could feel the panic escalating through his body. What the hell had possessed him to come running in the park?’ (The Creature Within)

‘Clinging to the shadows, he creeps forward, never taking his eyes off his prey.’ (The Night Stalker).

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What Readers Said…

Every Woman Should Read, Every Man Should Be Scared – ‘How Does Your Garden Grow?’

Loved this compilation of short stories. Each story was unique in its own way and some gave you chills you weren’t expecting. This is a must read for any horror fans out there. The author clearly has dark corners in her mind that she explores and I look forward to the next instalment. Although I enjoyed all the stories in this book, my ultimate favourites were ‘How does your garden grow’ and ‘Raven Bridge’

Review by Cath

A Spine Tingling Page Turner of Short, Scary Stories

The stories are all excellent but I thought I would review a few favourites.

  • I liked the excellent twist found in Innocence
  • Raven Bridge was so good I read it again Monday morning before moving onto the others
  • I found How Does your Garden Grow? to be an uncomfortable but thoroughly enjoyable journey
  • Sheer Hell was like a vivid nightmare to read, in my mind seeing the bolts turn and unwind themselves out of the blood veined rock face
  • The Creature Within is a masterpiece. While it is not the only one that made hairs on the back of my neck tingle, I’m reading it in full daylight with people around and it still manages the goosebump factor
  • On finishing the Night Stalker the thing I like most about this collection is none of the stories in the book are the same as each other.

Review by Vincent

Thrills, Spills and the Darkest of Twists: A Real Roller-Coaster Ride of Terror

If you enjoyed Bonds then Tales From A scary Girl is going to have you sleeping with the light on! Written in Marie Anne Cope’s trademark style, the tales inside are a real roller coaster ride that serve up thrills, spills and dark twists that should more than satisfy fans of this genre. Looking forward to the next in the series, but plan to get some spare light bulbs in, just in case! Highly recommended. 

Review by ML. H

Find Your Favourite!

Marie’s tales became my bedtime stories and I love them just the way they are – brief, shocking and memorable! Some of them left me totally flabbergasted! Those are my favourites!

Review by Dessi Daborn

Not Usually a Fan of Short Stories… 

….. but I loved these. Very hard to put down – you just find yourself wanting to read the next one. Read the whole book in two sittings. Highly recommend this book to anyone into werewolves, vampires and psychopaths. Scary tales from a Scarygirl.

Review by Mr W N Clarke

Dark and a Bit Scary

An interesting mix of dark tales. They are darker than you would expect from the cover, but well written nonetheless. Worth picking up.

Review by Lisa Williamson

Not for the Squeamish

If there’s one minor criticism I can find about this collection of short stories, it’s simply that it’s over too quickly! It’s definitely a book that leaves you wanting more. I’m not someone who can be shocked too easily, but having briefly met Marie a week or so ago, some of the dark, disturbing and rather gory thoughts that have transferred from inside her head into this book did leave me a little surprised!

All I can say is that having read the story “How does your garden grow?” in this book, you really wouldn’t want to get on her bad side… 😉

Review by G Hill

 Top Marks


Review by Melissa


I did love this series of scary tales. Each one draws you in and leaves you wanting that little bit more. I finished the entire book in almost one sitting, as I kept saying just one more and then I’ll put it down!

Review by Pen Name

Fantastic All-Rounder

Really enjoyed this book. Some short stories I enjoyed more than others, but fantastic all round. I would recommend to others and would love to see a few of the stories on film.

Review by Afton Millman

Scarygirl: One

Excellent value for close to a coven of Tales that Entertain & Provoke…..

Are you afraid to find Witch will be your favourite?

Review by Ironstein

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