Anne Vine Voice – Review of Bonds

“I enjoyed this vampire tale because unlike the sexy, tortured vampires that have women falling all over them until they meet their soulmate and they have their HEA, this vampire is a monster. Any decency that he may have once possessed is gone and he is evil.

I understand Antony’s anger and why he would have wanted to destroy Isabella and her lovers, but Anna had done nothing to deserve his wrath. She helped his father when he was ill, she warned him about Isabella and tried to keep them apart, but he was determined to have her. She showed her true colours on their wedding day, so he should not have been surprised when she strayed.

The way that others in the village turned against Anna was wrong. If it wasn’t for her they would all have died; not to mention all the time she had helped them when they were ill or when she delivered their children. It wasn’t her fault that her daughter was a whore.

Now, several centuries later, Anna’s curse is about to fail because of the greed of a developer who refuses to listen to the warnings that he is given. His assistant, Becca, has started to have strange dreams and the things that are happening to her will make her realize that the stories that she heard as a child are true and that unless she embraces the heritage that she has been running from for over a decade, Antony will kill her because she is one of the last descendants of Isabella, and she also looks exactly like her. Other than her looks, Isabella and Becca do not share other traits, but this will not save her from Antony. He’s had plenty of time to plot his revenge as he was locked away over the centuries and he plans to make Becca suffer before he kills her. Will she find the strength and knowledge that she needs to save herself and others before it is too late?

I want to thank the author and/or publisher for providing me with a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are mine.”