Fiona K-H – Review of Bonds

“What’s in the box? Bonds by Marie Anne Cope is a visceral, fast-paced tale of ancient wrongs and present dangers. Making use of motifs familiar to readers of vampire literature, Cope’s skill is in weaving a story that starts four hundred years ago and lands – ground-shakingly – in the here and now. Using short, episodic chapters and allowing the cast of characters to speak for themselves, the pace and tension gather momentum towards a thrilling ending. At the centre of the story is Becca, a thoroughly modern girl living in a world of battered Fiestas and coffee makers. Working on a project for her impatient boss, she is thrown into the arms of a troubled soul with a long, long history. Their encounters are violent, occasionally bordering on the erotic; the promise she makes to him is possibly not one you would expect. The story starts big and just goes on getting bigger and bigger.”