PJ Roscoe – Review of Bonds

“I bought this book off the author at a book signing. I have never read this genre about vampires and such, but was pleasantly surprised. I especially enjoyed that the author had given the ‘baddy’ a back story, which formed an odd type of ‘sympathy’ for him – he wasn’t just a monster, he had a reason for being such a creature.
The story itself was the first in a series so I expected the ending to be fairly abrupt, leaving a door wide open for the next book; however, I did feel the last few chapters were rushed. Throughout the book, our heroine is fighting the inevitable stand against Anthony, then it’s over in a chapter and I felt a little deflated. I rarely read a ‘series’ and so this is completely my own opinion in that, I tend to read stand alone books that perhaps follow a different set of rules.
My problem was the editing. Sadly, whoever edited this book, ‘had’ became their favourite word and in one chapter it was almost every other word which was annoying and distracting to me as a reader. There was no need for so many, especially once past tense is established, so I began editing it in my head and was able to continue! I also found a word used in the 16th century that wasn’t in existence until around the 19th/20th century which caused me to re-read the paragraph as I got confused as to which century I was supposed to be in.”