RhiAnima – Review of Bonds

“Bonds is a solid read, and better than some (quite a few) of the traditionally published books I’ve read recently. It has several well-defined characters, not all of them human (I’m looking at you, Spook!), a better heroine than the traditionally published Highgate Vampire novel (which really wasn’t impressive) and a far more satisfying vampire than the twinkly teen type.

There are a few points where the language could do with cleaning up (one granny figure says ‘child’ so often that it reads like a benevolent verbal tic) and some plot points that could be worked on. I’m also not sure about the morality of blaming rape/massacre/serial deaths on one woman who happens to put herself about a bit, rather than the man/demon who actually perpetrates the attacks.

Overall, I looked forward to reading this when I got home from work – and trust me, that is a recommendation.”