Vincent – Review of Tales From a Scarygirl

“The stories are all excellent but I thought I would review a few favourites.

  • I liked the excellent twist found in Innocence
  • Raven Bridge was so good I read it again Monday morning before moving onto the others
  • I found How Does your Garden Grow? to be an uncomfortable but thoroughly enjoyable journey
  • Sheer Hell was like a vivid nightmare to read, in my mind seeing the bolts turn and unwind themselves out of the blood veined rock face
  • The Creature Within is a masterpiece. While it is not the only one that made hairs on the back of my neck tingle, I’m reading it in full daylight with people around and it still manages the goosebump factor
  • On finishing the Night Stalker the thing I like most about this collection is none of the stories in the book are the same as each other.”